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Establish Core Values and Financial Goals
Encourage you to express concerns, hopes and goals. Help you to restate goals that are not specific and quantifiable. Prioritize competing goals.


Gather Financial Information
Gather all relevant information, both objective and subjective, through counseling and through examining your documents.


Analyze Information and Create Financial Plan
Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your present financial condition as they affect the ability to achieve your goals. Revise goals if necessary.


Present Financial Plan and Advise on Investment and Tax Strategies
Design a set of recommended strategies tailored to your circumstances and goals, including alternative ways of achieving those goals. Draw on outside experts as needed. Obtain your approval.


Implement Financial Planning Strategies
Motivate and help you in acquiring all of the necessary financial products and services to put the plan into action. Draw on outside experts as needed.


Review Process
Evaluate the performance of all implementation vehicles. Review changes in your circumstances and the financial environment on an ongoing basis.